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Woman discovers Facebook message showing her husband is engaged to another woman

By Mason White 6:51 PM March 1, 2014
Facebook illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
Be careful what you share on Facebook, you never know who might see it.

One woman discovered that her marriage was over through a Facebook message.

Phumzile Qhamakoane, 56, of Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, discovered on Facebook that her marriage to Shadrack Qhamakoane, 47, was a lie.

The man posted a message saying he was engaged to his lover. Phumzile Qhamakoane claims that their problems began when her husband wanted to bring another woman into their bedroom, to spice things up.

However, when she refused, he went behind her back and started having an affair with a woman, who is 27 years old. When Qhamakoane learned of her husband’s cheating ways, she confronted the other woman.

The woman denied having a relationship with Phumzile Qhamakoane’s husband. However, the truth was revealed when she saw a Facebook message stating that her husband was engaged to the other woman.

Qhamakoane said that she was heartbroken when she discovered the Facebook message and that their children are also traumatized.