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Man who unexpectedly changed his business trip plans finds his wife in bed with his worker

By Mason White 1:54 PM March 4, 2014
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By: Hydar Tomar
A man who was supposed to go on a business trip, changed his plans at the last minute.

His wife, thinking her husband was out of town, cheated on him with a younger man.

The drama unfolded in Inyathi, Zimbabwe, on Tuesday, when the man reportedly caught his worker having sex with his wife. Lingane Moyo, 24, who was hired to care for the family’s animals, allegedly began having an affair with his owner’s 26-year-old wife Sandra Ndlovu.

As soon as Jeffrey Mlotshwa, 29, left his house to go on his business trip, the two began sleeping together. Mlotshwa, who was supposed to travel to Bulawayo, unexpectedly canceled the trip and returned home.

Upon arriving home, he was surprised to see his employee on top of his wife, and having sex with her. The man ordered his wife to leave his house and decided to divorce her.

“People may think I am overreacting and that I should forgive my wife, but enough is enough,” Mlotshwa said, indicating that his wife had cheated on him previously. The woman confirmed that their daughter had been thrown out of her matrimonial home by her husband, but refused to speak about her alleged cheating ways.

However, they said that they are in the process of trying to save the marriage.