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Hot-looking woman offers man sex in exchange for killing her fiance

By Mason White 5:28 PM March 5, 2014
John Schellpfeffer and Jessica Strom 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A woman was looking for someone to kill her fiance, and she offered sex as part of the reward.

The Wisconsin woman has been accused of masterminding the murder of her boyfriend.

According to the Wausau Police Department, Jessica Strom, 22 offered to pay $1,000 along with sexual favors to have her fiance killed. Strom contact a former classmate with whom she went to criminal justice classes, and asked him to kill her fiance John Schellpfeffer.

The classmate, who is now a licensed pilot, met his friend and she asked him to use a firearm in the murder, saying: “you just open the door, no time to respond, that’s all. Waow,” she said.

Strom told her friend that she had been planning the murder for two years. Her reason for the murder was because Schellpfeffer “controlled and did other bad things to her and to others.

The pilot refused to participate in the murder. Strom advised him to think about it and ordered him not to contact the police. Despite her warning to the pilot he did exactly that.

Detectives asked the pilot to set up a fake meeting pretending to be interested to kill her fiance. Strom met with the informant at a cafe, where she provided her friend with a diagram of her fiance’s Law Office.

She told the friend to “blow his brains out.”

The two agreed to the $1,000 plus sex as payment for the hit. Police raided her home shortly thereafter and Strom was arrested for conspiracy to commit first degree murder.