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Man catches his wife cheating days after their wedding

By Mason White 3:37 PM March 6, 2014
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By: Hydar Tomar
A man was broken hearted when he caught his wife cheating a few days after their wedding.

The man was devastated that his newlywed wife was cheating on him within the first month of their marriage.

Armson Ndlovu of Zimbabwe, could not come to terms with the fact that his wife, who married him and promised to spend the rest of his life with him until death, cheated on him with her former boyfriend immediately after the marriage.

Ndlovu, who lives in the suburb of Emakhandeni, Bulawayo, told the court that he started cheating on his wife after she cheated on him a few days after their wedding. Ndlovu decided to take revenge against his new wife by cheating with her cousin, who was identified as Beverly.

However, he was busted and his cheating was discovered by his wife’s sisters, who walked in on the two having sex. The women allegedly beat their brother-in-law over the affair.

Now, Ndlovu asked the court for a protective order against his sisters-in-law, accusing them of interfering with his marriage. He wants his wife’s sisters to stop sticking their noses in their sex lives.

Ndlovu did not deny being caught having sex with his wife’s cousin. However, he said: “I caught my wife cheating on me a week after our wedding.”