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Man leaves son to die from electric shock after both tried to steal power cables

By Mason White 1:23 PM March 7, 2014
Copper pipes illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man of the United Kingdom, was charged with manslaughter after he failed to call for help when his son was electrocuted.

Shaun Stewart, 52, of Barnsley, appeared at the Sheffield Crown Court, after his son died while they tried to steal copper.

Brent Shaun Campbell, 29 , was electrocuted by 11,000 volts of electricity. The jury heard how the father and son traveled to the Tyers Hall pumping station in Darfield, with the intent of stealing what they thought was expensive copper cables.

The pumping station is a Northern Power Grid circuit breaker that provides electricity to 3,000 customers. To their disappointment, the overhead cable was actually made ​​of aluminum, with has a much lower value than copper.

The duo decided to take the metal anyway. In order to reach the metal, they sawed down a pole, which supported three cables.

Prosecutors said that they did not realize the lines were energized. As a result, Campbell suffered a fatal electric shock and his father was seriously injured in the leg, face and neck.

After the incident occurred, Stewart did not call for help. Instead, he returned home without his son and told his wife he could not remember what happened.

He was taken to a hospital where he was treated for third degree burns. Sheffield Police received a call from the pumping station after employees found a body in a nearby field.

When the area was confirmed to be safe at 3:02 a.m., Campbell was discovered and pronounced dead at the scene.

After an investigation, Stewart was arrested for theft. During the interview with police, he admitted that he and his son went there to steal cables as they both needed money, according to the prosecutor.

He is now facing manslaughter and theft charges.