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Man orders escort service only to have his son’s girlfriend show up

By Mason White 1:28 PM March 7, 2014
Hotel room illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A woman was left red-faced after her lifestyle as an escort was accidentally exposed.

The woman of Italy, told her boyfriend, friends and family that she worked as a waitress.

However, one day, when her boyfriend’s father ordered and escort service, she showed up. The 70 year old of Treviso, could not believe his eyes when his future daughter-in-law knocked on his door.

The incident began when the old man left his home and went to the nearby town of Veneto. While there, he booked an escort.

When the woman arrived, he got the shock of his life as the woman turned out to be the South American girlfriend that was dating his 40-year-old son. They were both embarrassed by the incident.

The pair bid farewell to each other and she left. The embarrassment would have been over if they both kept quiet.

However, the father decided that he had to tell his son that she was working as an escort and not as a waitress as she lead everyone to believe. The son became mad at his father for getting into his business and the two became embroiled in a bitter dispute.

The incident occurred a while ago, but only recently came to light during a court hearing after the son decided to sue his father.