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Girl, 14, killed by train in front of her boyfriend while retrieving her cellphone from tracks

By Mason White 11:21 AM March 7, 2014
Train illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) In a very tragic incident, a teenager of California, was killed after her cellphone fell onto the train tracks.

It all began when Jenna Betti and her boyfriend, sat on the train tracks.

However, when they saw the train, the two got up and moved out of the way.

While doing so, the 14 year old’s cellphone fell to the ground. She ran back to get it, but the train was already close to her and sucked her in, killing her.

Betti was an eighth grader at Martinez Junior High School. Her classmates wore pink, which was Betti’s favorite color.

The teen’s mother, Dena Betti, said that Jenna and her boyfriend were sitting on the tracks when the train approached. “Why they made such a horrible decision we’ll never know,” she wrote on Facebook.

Dena Betti, also said that her daughter must have miscalculated the distance of the train when she ran back for her cellphone. Jenna Betti is remembered as a girl who always saw the bright side of things and always had a smile.

She will be missed. May she rest in peace.