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Woman hangs ‘hide your husband’ flyers with photos of her husband in bed with another woman

By Mason White 6:56 PM March 8, 2014
Beverly Rolston 

By: Devansh Dutt
A woman took revenge on her cheating husband and his mistress by hanging photos of them.

The revenge tactic however, got her arrested.

The scorned woman of Middletown, Ohio, was furious when she found out that her husband was having an affair with her former friend.

Middletown officers were called to a Walmart store on Towne Boulevard after Beverly Rolston, 45, was seen posting photos of a woman performing a sex act on a man.

The woman in the photo, an employee at the store, told the officer that Rolston is an old friend of hers, who accused her of having an affair with her ​​husband. Officials said that Rolston was seen on a surveillance video posting the photos inside the store.

The woman warned other shoppers to hide their husbands from the store employee. The phrase “hide your husbands,” was written on the photo, along with a vulgar phrase.

According to the official report, the photos were posted in plain sight in front of children. Detectives said that Rolston admitted posting the photos.

She told police that the woman in the photo had a relationship for one year with her husband. Rolston’s husband admitted to having an affair with the store employee, officials said.

Rolston was charged with one count of pandering obscenity.