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Teen caught red-handed having sex with neighbor’s donkey

By Mason White 12:36 PM March 10, 2014

By: Anika Rao
A teenager was arrested after he stole a donkey and had sex with it.

According to reports, the sex-starved teenager of Zimbabwe, was caught red-handed having sex with the neighbor’s donkey.

Thabisani Dube, 19, wanted to make sure the donkey did not get away during the abuse so he tied the donkey’s legs and neck to a tree in a wooded area before having sex with it by force.

The incident occurred in West Nicholson, Gwanda. The owner of the donkey, Nkala Gibson, realized that his donkey was missing so he went out looking for it.

However, the teen took the donkey to a quiet place where he thought nobody would see him. While searching for his stolen animal, the owner first heard strange sounds.

He followed the sounds and found his teenage neighbor having sex with the animal. Realizing he had been caught, he fled the scene.

He was later arrested by other villagers, who then reported the case to the police, leading to his arrest. Dube will appear before a magistrate’s court on charges of brutality.