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Man tattoos world on his back and fills in every country he visits

By Mason White 12:28 PM March 10, 2014
Bill Passman’s map tattoo 

By: Devansh Dutt
A lawyer gave up his job to follow his hobby of traveling the world.

Bill Passman, 59, has been to many countries in the world.

He keeps track of the countries he visited with a tattoo on his back.

Passman had the map tattooed on his back, and every time he visits a new country, he goes to a tattoo artist to color in that country’s spot on his back.

So far, 60 countries are colored in on his back, and the rest are waiting to be filled. The Louisiana attorney began traveling at age 51. His first trip abroad was to Tanzania.

He travels most of the year and comes home for about three months of the year. Passman said that he was inspired to get the tattoo from a girl named Jules, who he met in Antigua.

She had a tattoo sketch of the world on her back. She told him she planned to put a red dot on the places she visited. He is doing the same and he loves it.