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Paramedics called to save a man’s life find out that the patient is a dog

By Mason White 12:59 PM March 10, 2014
Ambulance illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
Paramedics work hard to save people’s lives. However, one family wanted them to save their dog.

A family in the United Kingdom, took up the valuable time of the emergency service workers when they called 999 to save their beloved family member.

However, the paramedics said that they were left surprised after being called to a potentially fatal emergency only to find that the patient was a dog.

Earlier this week, the Northwest Ambulance Service NHS Trust, received a call from a woman in Preston, Lancashire, reporting a man who was very sick.

The dispatcher attempted to get more information. However, before the dispatcher could do so, the caller hung up and did not respond to follow-up calls.

Fearing the worst, paramedics were sent to the address, racing through traffic with lights and sirens to reach the emergency scene. On arrival at the address, the paramedics were greeted by three people who were crying.

When asked where he could find the patient, two men and a woman pointed to a dead dog on the floor. The paramedics later said that he before this incident they treated a man who was in cardiac arrest so they were obviously shocked to learn that they were called to save a dog.

The emergency workers told the family that in a situation like this, they should have called a veterinarian rather than 999, which is for humans only.