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Store clerk seen on video refusing to hand over cash to gun wielding robber

By Mason White 2:21 PM March 12, 2014
The robber points a gun at Steve Ewart 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A shopkeeper put up a brave face when a man pointed a gun at him.

Not following orders from someone who is pointing a gun to your head, can be deadly, but that’s exactly what the clerk did.

Steve Ewart worked at the store for just six weeks when a robber came in and tried to rob him. Ewart, who worked night shifts at the store in Australia, that is open 24 hours, refused to hand over the money to the armed robber.

The armed robber, who appeared to be a teenager, was wearing a black ski mask when he entered the store. He walked up to the counter, but no one was there so he waited.

When Ewart, 46, appeared, the man in the ski mask confronted him and asked for money. The shopkeeper refused. That is when the robber pulled out a gun. It was all captured on surveillance cameras and the video was uploaded to YouTube.

The robber did not know that Ewart is a gun expert and as soon as he saw the gun, Ewart knew it was a replica. Ewart said that the gunman momentarily looked puzzled.

He asked for money again, but when he had no luck getting it, the man put his gun away and walked out the door. So far, no arrests have been made.