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Man injects oil and alcohol in his arms to create huge biceps

By Mason White 2:48 PM March 12, 2014
Arlindo De Souza 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Some people are willing to do anything to get outrageously big biceps.

Arlindo De Souza, 43, became somewhat of a celebrity with his unusually large biceps, and strangers ask to take photos with him.

The bodybuilder of Brazil, is risking his life by injecting himself with a potentially lethal cocktail of alcohol and oil to fatten up his muscles.

De Souza has 29 inch biceps, which are the biggest in Brazil. However, he admits that it may cause dangerous infections.

He is not the only one who injected the oil and alcoholic concoctions into his muscles. Some users had their arms amputated after injecting themselves with the oil and alcohol. Others have died from it.

De Souza, who was nicknamed “The Mountain” in his hometown, said that he had been taking a cocktail of steroids, hormones and vitamins meant for horses. Then a gym buddy offered him an “enhancement oil” to pull ahead of his rivals.

De Souza, who is single and lives with his elderly mother, said that as soon as he put the concoction into his arm, he saw immediate results.

He loved the results so much that he continued using it until it grew to this unusual size, which made him famous.