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8-year-old girl asks her mother if she could go to the doctor to get a penis

By Mason White 9:14 AM March 13, 2014
Young girl illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A young girl who wants to be a boy, asked her mother to go to the doctor to get a penis.

The mother said that her daughter always liked to dress as a boy, and she behaved more like a tomboy rather than a girl.

She also always played with truck and tools rather than girly toys. At age three, the child refused to dress in girl’s clothing. However, she never expressed her desire to physically turn herself into a boy until her class went on an overnight trip.

The 8 year old was ordered to sleep with girls. The child tried to cajole the volunteer parents into believing that she was a boy so that she could sleep with the boys, but that did not work, and she was forced to sleep with the girls.

The mother said that she does not know what the future holds for her daughter, but she will stand by her daughter and the decisions she makes in life.