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Man admits to killing his daughter by throwing her into a creek strapped in car seat

By Mason White 10:59 AM March 13, 2014
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By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A father is accused of killing his daughter to hurt her mother.

The trial for Arthur Morgan III, the father who is accused of tossing his 2-year-old daughter into in a creek, is underway.

The lawyer for the New Jersey father, who drowned his daughter, said that his client does not deny that he threw his daughter into the creek, killing her.

The incident began in 2011, when the father asked his daughter’s mother if he can take their daughter, Tierra Morgan-Glover, to see a movie. She reluctantly agreed, but he never returned with the child.

Police found the child still in her car seat, partially submerged in the creek. Morgan attached a car jack to the car seat so that the car seat would sink with his daughter inside.

Defense attorney Ryan Moriarty said that he is not asking the jury whether the father is responsible for the death of his daughter, but rather what form of homicide applies to this defendant.

The issue is what state of mind the father was in when he committed the crime, and whether he was thinking clearly that night. Authorities believe that Morgan was driven to kill his own daughter by jealousy and anger toward the girl’s mother, Imani Benton.

It is alleged that the previous week, the child’s mother refused to let Morgan see his 2-year-old daughter because he was homeless and living in his car. She also refused to take Morgan back, and he believed she already was seeing another man.

Now, it will be up to the jury to decide if the father acted recklessly or was his ability to think clearly affected by his homelessness, lack of sleep, losing his job and by the breakup with his daughter’s mother.

If convicted of murder he can face up to life in prison without parole.