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Firehouse destroyed by fire after it had no fire alarm or sprinkler system

By Mason White 9:07 AM March 14, 2014
The burned firehouse 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A fire company has learned the hard way that they have to practice what they preach or else it will cost them a lot.

The fire station in Norfolk, England, was destroyed along with a fire truck.

The firehouse was not equipped with sprinklers or fire alarms. Norfolk’s deputy chief fire officer Roy Harold, admitted that the station should have followed its own advice and installed a fire alarm.

When the fire broke out there was no warning, and the fire continued to consume the building. Police officers who worked in a nearby building, began smelling smoke just after midnight on Tuesday.

When they went to investigate they discovered the firehouse burning. The fire began in the area where a newly acquired fire truck was kept.

Fire departments from neighboring areas were called to help put out the fire. “Usually, we go to other people’s fires, but tonight, we had to go to our own,” Harold said.