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Group of men rape pregnant woman after being asked to rob woman’s boyfriend

By Mason White 10:37 AM March 14, 2014
Pregnant woman illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A well planned out robbery ended in disaster after the robbers broke into the wrong home.

Authorities alleged that it all began when 21-year-old Efemia Neumaier, asked three men to rob a man she was dating.

She told the men that her target, who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, has at least $1,500 cash in his house. The young men went to rob the man, but they broke into the wrong home.

When they entered the home, the began looking for cash and valuables. When they entered the bedroom the robbers found a couple in bed.

They pulled the husband out of bed, beat him up and held him down, while they ordered the woman to perform sex acts on them. The woman told the men that she was six months pregnant, but they did not care.

The men locked the couple in a dark laundry room and they took off with electronics and credit cards. Police arrested Kristopher Hughes, 20, Michon Thomas, 22, and Eric Bass, 23. They all face robbery and sexual assault charges.

Police also arrested Neumaier, who sent the men to the home, and co-conspirators DeMarco Mallit’s, and DeAndrae Mayweathers.