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Couple overdoses on drugs in Mcdonald’s play area while kids were playing

By Mason White 12:42 PM March 16, 2014
Tamica Lynn Jeffers and Robert Paul Palmer 

By: Hydar Tomar
While most people go to Mcdonald’s for their good food, one couple went their to do drugs.

The couple hid inside the kids play area and did drugs, while their two children played there.

The couple have been arrested on charges of endangering the welfare of children. Robert Paul Palmer, 37, and Tamica Lynn Jeffers, 33, of Dillsboro, Indiana, were arrested after shooting up at a McDonald’s in Ohio, police said.

The fire department in Green Township, just west of Cincinnati, responded to a call that two adults were passed out in the play area of the restaurant.

Authorities said that Jeffers was unconscious and not breathing, and Palmer was conscious but unresponsive. Officers said that the couple admitted to taking drugs while with their 5 year old and 8 year old were playing nearby.

Bond for Palmer was set at $10,000, while Jeffers was ordered held on $6,000 bond.