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Beauty queen, 18, may lose title after shoplifting cosmetics days before being crowned

By Mason White 4:24 PM March 17, 2014
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By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A beauty queen did not think about the consequences she might face over shoplifting.

Chloe Curry, 18, had a bright future ahead of her when she and a friend decided to shoplift some cosmetics from Walmart.

Now, Curry is regretting her actions as it may have ruined her dream of being a beauty queen. Curry, won the title of Miss Congeniality at the Miss Lewis County Scholarship Pageant in Centralia, Washington, three days after she was caught shoplifting.

At the time she was crowned, organizers did not know of her alleged crime. When they became aware of the criminal charges she is facing, organizers said that she might lose the title over it.

Curry will however be able to keep the $600 Miss Congeniality scholarship, which cannot be taken away under pageant rules.

Police said that Curry and another 18 year old, tried to leave the store with lip balm, nail polish, fake eyelashes, fake nails and other beauty products worth more than $100 in their purse. Both were cited for the crime.