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New York suicidal teen stabs younger brother so he won’t be alone

By Mason White 4:29 PM March 17, 2014
Ruben Renderos 

By: Hydar Tomar
A teenager was arrested after he stabbed his brother before he was allegedly going to kill himself.

Police were called after an 18 year old of Long Island, stabbed his younger brother.

Ruben Renderos allegedly told his brother that he wanted to commit suicide, but he did not want his 14-year-old brother to be lonely.

The two were alone in their Williston Park home when Renderos tried to kill his younger brother, police said.

The 14 year old was taken to a hospital after he suffered stab wounds to the back, head and chest, police said. Despite his injuries, the younger brother survived.

Officer searched for the suspect who was believed to be suicidal at the time. He was later found and arrested.
Renderos was charged with attempted murder.