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Man arrested after being kicked out of club for bad dancing

By Mason White 3:10 PM March 18, 2014
Nightclub illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man’s night went from bad to worse when he was kicked out of a nightclub for his bad dancing.

The 20-year-old man of Australia, set out to have a good time at the nightclub.

However, he drank too much and got into trouble. The man’s trouble started when he began dancing wildly and recklessly.

The man was asked to leave the club in Alawa, northeast of Darwin, but when he asked why he was being thrown out of the nightclub he was told because of his “reckless dancing.”

When he left the nightclub, the man ran into police officers. Still highly intoxicated the man began screaming and hitting the police van.

The man was arrested. Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen confirmed that he was arrested for causing damage to property.

“He was drunk and apparently outraged that he was asked to leave a nightclub for dancing recklessly,” Jorgensen said. Police said that as the man was leaving the nightclub he kicked signs and other items.

When he saw the officers he started yelling and suddenly slammed his fist on the hood of the police van. Seems like some people should not drink and dance.