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Man charged for attacking cardboard image of a police officer

By Mason White 3:14 PM March 18, 2014
Police car illustration 

By: Anika Rao
Police tracked down a man after he attacked a “police officer.”

Police officers in United Kingdom, found that man had dragged a cardboard cutout of a police officer away from a gas station convenience store and then kicked it until it was in pieces.

Officers were able to track down the 23-year-old man because the incident was caught on surveillance cameras. The bizarre attack took place at a Tesco petrol station in Pitsea, Essex, where the two-dimensional cardboard officer was being used to deter would-be shoplifters.

Officers were able to get the man’s license plate number from the security camera. They found the man at his home in nearby Basildon, where he admitted to attacking the cardboard.

The man was issued a fine for criminal damage. He was handed a $150 fine for attacking the cardboard police officer. Fixed penalty notices are used to punish people for low-level crimes to avoid giving an offender a criminal record.

For criminal damage cases, a fixed penalty notice can be given at an officer’s discretion if the value of the damage was less than $500.