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Two year old saves his wounded mother by using FaceTime phone application

By Mason White 12:20 PM March 20, 2014
Child playing with smartphone illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) When a woman was bitten by a dog her young son stepped up and saved the day.

The injured woman asked her daughters to call 911. However, they did not want to touch the phone as it was covered in blood.

Her 2-year-old son then brought a towel, wiped the phone and called his mother’s friend through the FaceTime application. Laura Toone was trying to stop a fight between two dogs in her home. One dog belonged to her while the other dog was a foster dog.

During the fight, the foster dog bit off her finger. The mother continued to lose significant amounts of blood and thought he was going to lose consciousness. That was when her 2-year-old son Bentley appeared with the towel.

After cleaning some of the blood off his mother’s iPhone, Bentley proceeded to use FaceTime, a video chat application, to call Toone’s friend Connie Guerrero.

Guerrero said that all she saw was the child’s forehead and he was silent, but then she heard Laura Toone crying, so she called for help. Bentley Toone opened the door to the house for emergency workers.

Toone said she is grateful for her little hero and has since taught all her children how to call 911.