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Woman spends $100,000 to look like blow up sex doll

By Mason White 10:31 AM March 23, 2014
Katella Dash 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Blow up sex dolls are usually made of plastic. However, one woman wants to be the first to look like a sex doll.

While most women want to look young and feminine, Katella Dash is working on her appearance to look like a blow up sex doll.

Dash, 38, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has so far spent over $100,000 to reach her goal. However, she is far from done.

Dash turns heads wherever she goes and people are impressed with her 38H breasts. Men are surprised when they learn that Dash was born a man and underwent sex reassignment surgery at age 23.

Dash is trying to look as artificial as she can. She loves looking like plastic. Dash loves that many parts of her body is plastic, as she had many procedures done to enhance her desired look, including facial implants, breast surgery and buttock implants.

Dash is looking for a doctor willing to give her even bigger breasts. She wants to go from 38H to size M.