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Police officer eats evidence in court after judge orders him to snitch on a snitch

By Mason White 10:58 AM March 23, 2014
Crime Stoppers illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A retired Florida police officer, who now works as a Crime Stoppers director, was seen on video disobeying a judge in the courtroom.

Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers Executive Director Richard “Dick” Masten, was seen on video eating a piece of paper that held the information of a person who snitched on a woman.

Masten said that Judge Victoria Brennan, asked him to give her a piece of paper, which held the information of the person who snitched on Lissette Alvarez, in a drug case.

The defense attorney for Lissette Alvarez, in a cocaine possession case, wanted to know the identity of the snitch and possibly cross examine the snitch.

However, Masten said that the Crime Stoppers unit promises tipsters that they can stay anonymous, and that he takes the promise very seriously. Rather than handing over the information, the director ate it.

Masten explained that if a judge can force the Crime Stoppers to hand over names of their tipsters, then people will no longer want to come forward. Masten said that in 20 years, Crime Stoppers has helped solve some 34,000 crimes.

The judge held the Crime Stoppers director in contempt of court, and he faced 30 days in jail. However, rather than a jail sentence, the judge ordered him to write a report about anonymous tip laws.