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Man arrested after wearing a real looking mask to scare his former wife

By Mason White 1:42 PM March 24, 2014
Cheng with his mask at the police station 

By: Devansh Dutt
Break ups can be difficult and stressful, and sometimes people come up with bizarre ways to get revenge against former partners.

One man was found wearing a life like mask to disguise his face before visiting his former wife.

The man was arrested after wearing a “human skin” mask in a bizarre act of revenge against his former wife in China. The man who was identified as Cheng of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, went to a hotel in the Xiaoshan district where his former wife was staying, while wearing the mask.

Security guards at the hotel became suspicious with Cheng and began asking him questions. Cheng reportedly attempted to flee so the security guards called police.

When officers arrived, they found that Cheng was wearing
a realistic looking silicone mask and a wig on top of if. Cheng was arrested when police discovered he was armed with a large knife and a bottle of pepper spray.

Cheng told police that he was trying to visit his former wife in an attempt to scare her with the mask.