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Girl, 14, rewarded after writing ticket to police officer who parked illegally

By Mason White 4:31 PM March 25, 2014
Annie James giving police officer a ticket 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A young girl was mad when she saw a police officer breaking the law.

The brave girl made a handwritten ticket and fined the officer $10 for breaking the parking laws of her apartment complex.

14-year-old Annie James, of Baytown, Texas, wrote a “ticket” and placed it on the officer’s windshield.

On the “ticket” to the officer she wrote:

You are in violation of the Bay Oaks apartment rules.
1) parking in fire lane
2) parking on curb
3) Not head in parking
You’re fine is $10 to our apartment manager Mrs. Jamie.

When officer Tommy King got back to his car and found the note he was surprised but not mad. The office was impressed that the girl wanted him to pay the manager rather than herself.

He met with the girl to “pay the fine,” but rather than giving her $10 cash, King handed the girl and a $40 gift certificate to Toys R Us.