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Strippers angry after police held them in locker rooms and took revealing photos of them

By Mason White 12:20 PM March 26, 2014
Stripclub illustration 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) Strippers in California, are fighting back after police officers took photos of them without their consent.

25 exotic dancers in a strip club in San Diego, filed a lawsuit against police officers, who forced them to stay in the strip club against their will while taking revealing pictures of their bodies and their tattoos.

Ten police officers raided the San Diego Cheetah gentlemen’s clubs in Kearny Mesa, to check if the women had work permits.

The officers ordered the women to go into the locker rooms and held the women for one hour against their wills. Officers photographed the women. Some were in their bikinis while others were reportedly nude. They also took many photos of their tattoos.

The police department said that random checks are perfectly legal and that officers did nothing wrong.