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Teacher arrested after having sex with students at Waffle House and in classroom

By Mason White 10:48 AM March 26, 2014
Waffle House illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A teacher is in trouble after using her classroom for sex.

The math teacher is accused of having sex with a few students.

In one incident, the teacher allegedly had a threesome with students in her classroom. On a different occasion, the teacher took her student to the Waffle House, where she engaged in sexual activity with the student.

Lori Carmichael Quigley, 41, was a high school teacher in Georgia, but rather than sticking to her math class, she gave her teenage students hands on sex education.

Quigley was arrested at her home in Brunswick, on three counts of sexual assault by a person with supervisory discipline authority, according to the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office.

She was granted a $50,000 bond, and was ordered to stay away from children. The teacher is not allowed to have unsupervised contact with anyone under 18 years old.