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Florida police officers force woman to poop on street while laughing at her

By Mason White 9:38 AM March 27, 2014
Front yard illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A woman was humiliated after police officers told her to poop on the street.

The officers then allegedly laughed at her for doing so.

The woman of Florida, claims in a lawsuit that the police forced her to poop in her yard while they were searching her house for methamphetamine.

Dawn Brooks sued the Volusia County and the city of New Smyrna Beach, for not properly training officers in the matter.

In the lawsuit, Brooks claims that the officers refused to let her use the bathroom inside her home, in a private area or in the officers truck.

Brooks was in handcuffs when she told officers that she needed to use the bathroom. Officers allegedly told her to use the bathroom right there in the front lawn.

Brooks said that officers would not help her clean herself or get dressed after she did her business in front of them. Eventually they gave her a plastic suit to wear. Instead of helping, the officers looked, laughed and yelled at Brooks while she was undressing, the complaint states.

Brooks said that she should have been allowed to use the bathroom in her home or in private. She also said that the ordeal violated her rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, causing her mental anguish and humiliation

U.S. District Judge Roy Dalton rejected claims against Volusia, as she failed to prove that the officers’ indifference was due to the city’s alleged failure to train officers.

Judge Dalton said that Brooks did not state any specific practice or policy that caused the officers to infringe her rights. She was given a couple of weeks to modify her lawsuit to a human rights violation.