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Two missing students were found having threesome with elderly man

By Mason White 9:51 AM March 27, 2014
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By: Anika Rao
Parents of two teenage girls were very worried when their daughters failed to come home from school.

Two 15-year-old school girls of Gweru, Zimbabwe, were reported missing over a week ago.

Their worried parents asked people to keep an eye out for their missing children. One day, a man spotted one of the teenagers at the door of an elderly man’s house. He informed the worried father, who then called police.

Offers entered the home and found that the girls were safe, and were at the house voluntarily. The girls told police that George Venter paid them to have threesomes with him.

The girls hatched a plan to run away from home after they met Venter, who is a mechanic, while walking in an industrial area in Gweru. The man offered the girls $20 for sex before going to his house and allegedly having a threesome with them.

The girls then went to live with the man as he promised to keep paying them $5 per day for sex. Venter appeared before the Gweru Magistrate’s Court Judge Judith Taruvinga on charges of having sex with a minor.