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Grandmother arrested for stealing teacher’s wallet while visiting granddaughter at school

By Mason White 9:54 AM March 27, 2014
Theresa Yvonne Sayles 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Talk about setting a bad example. A grandmother was arrested after stealing a teacher’s wallet.

Theresa Yvonne Sayles, 49, of Glen Burnie, Maryland, was invited to her granddaughter’s school for a school assembly. She used the opportunity to steal cash from her granddaughter’s teacher.

Officers from the Northern District, responded to the Marley Elementary School on a report of a theft that just occurred.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with school administrators, who indicated that the school was conducting an assembly for the students that allows for parents or guardians to attend.

It was relayed to officers that the grandmother of one of the students was caught stealing a teacher’s wallet during the assembly. School staff prevented the suspect from leaving the school property until officers arrived.

Officers were told that the suspect entered an unoccupied classroom. Then the teacher saw Sayles in her classroom. She questioned the woman as to what she was doing in the empty classroom. The suspect exited the room and entered the cafeteria.

The victim became suspicious and quickly realized that her wallet was missing from the classroom. The victim then noticed the suspect holding her wallet in the cafeteria area and was rummaging through it.

The suspect has also observed Sayles removing cash from the wallet and discarding the wallet into a trash can.

The grandmother was arrested, and was advised that she is no longer allowed on the school’s property and will be charged with trespassing if she returns.

The suspect was charged with theft under $100 and disturbing school activities. Her bail was set at $5,000.