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Man accused of killing his brother-in-law and sister after having incestuous relationship with her

By Mason White 8:08 AM March 28, 2014
Ryan Wyngarden 

By: Anika Rao
A man is facing life in prison after killing his sister and her husband.

Prosecutors believe that the man killed his brother-in-law and sister because he was jealous of their relationship.

52-year-old Ryan Wyngarden of Michigan, is accused of murdering his sister and her husband in a crime of incestuous passion.

Prosecutors argued that it was the sexual history Wyngarden had with his sister, Gail Brink, that led him to fatally shoot her and her husband, Rick, on November 21, 1987, just 18 months after the couple got married.

The Brinks’ murders was a cold case for many years until Wyngarden’s wife Pam came forward and told authorities that her husband confessed to killing the couple as well as revealing that he had an incestuous relationship with his sister.

During the trial, Pam Wyngarden told the court that her husband admitted to killing the couple because he did not want Rick Brink to find out about the intimate relationship between him and his sister, and that he was jealous.

Wyngarden however, tried to convince the jury that those sexual encounters with his sister would not have provided a motive for killing her.

In his testimony, Wyngarden admitted to having three sexual experiences with Gail, but denied the two had sex.

The first instance occurred when Wyngarden was twelve and his sister was nine years old. He said that they were naked, and they were just playing and comparing body parts.

He admitted that they had a couple of more sexual encounter up until his sister was 15 years old. Wyngarden faces two counts of first-degree murder and could serve life in prison if convicted.