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93-year-old man kills married woman, 82, after she rejected his sexual advances

By Mason White 6:11 PM March 29, 2014
Jail illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A 93-year-old man is the oldest inmate at a prison in France.

Marcel Guillot has gone to trial after being accused of murdering an 82-year-old love interest, who rejected his advances.

Police believe that he broke into the house of Nicole El Dib before stabbing and beating her to death. The Criminal Court in Reims, heard that Guillot had developed “a crush” on the woman after the death of his wife.

Guillot and his wife had been friends with El Dib and her husband for several years. Guillot reportedly offered El Dib to stay with him for a few weeks while her husband was in the hospital.

However, the woman refused to go with him or to allow Guillot to stay with her. Prosecutors told the court that Guillot traveled from his home in Bobigny, a Paris suburb, to the house of El Dib in the village of Saint Gilles, in north-eastern France, the following month.

He managed to get into her house and beat her to death. Her body was found near a creek, and Guillot was arrested.

When he was first confronted, Guillot allegedly told authorities that she had made him feel like a fool and wanted to “teach her a lesson.”

Guillot admitted to being at the woman’s house, but denies killing her.