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Police officer shoots strange man who was found having sex with woman at his pool

By Mason White 4:04 PM March 30, 2014
Swimming pool illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A couple in Florida, was looking for a quiet place where to have sex.

The two decided to use a swimming pool at an apartment complex in Boca Raton, on Saturday.

The incident took place at the Reflections community pool in Boca Del Mar, at 12.20 a.m. Investigators said that an off-duty Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy came out of his apartment and discovered the couple having sex at the pool.

The deputy identified himself as an officer and asked the man and the woman, who did not live in the housing complex, to leave.

The couple reluctantly agreed, but shortly thereafter, the man returned and approached the deputy as he sat in a lounge chair by the pool.

The two men got into an altercation in which the suspect allegedly tried to hit the officer with a glass bottle. That’s when the off-duty cop pulled his gun and fired, hitting the man.

The victim was taken to Delray Medical Center in critical condition. The deputy was placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.var p = new anv_pl_def(); p.config = {}; p.config.width = 610; p.config.height = 360; p.loadVideoExpressV3(‘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|1000011|SPS’);