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Man does a wonderful job fooling an entire town into believing he is their mayor

By Mason White 4:14 PM March 30, 2014
James Billington with a mayor of Stafford coffee mug 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A man wanted to be mayor of his town, but rather than winning the position with votes he appointed himself via Twitter.

The man created an authentic looking Twitter page, where he claimed to be the mayor of his town in England.

On his Twitter page, Billington wrote: “Mayor of Stafford @mayorofstafford. I’m James Billington, the current mayor of Stafford. Delighted to be representing the town of Stafford and surrounding areas.”

While the real mayor was busy getting herself settled into her position of mayor, Billington, who is in his 30s, managed to meet with and impress the local business people and residence.

He became well liked by people. The imaginary mayor handed out pins which read: “I’m mayor of Stafford.” He also wished the elderly happy birthday on their special day.

Billington came out to cheer on competitors in a half marathon, all while pretending to be their mayor. He also posted a Twitter post offering free coffee mugs to his constituents.

“Want a free ‘I’M THE MAYOR OF STAFFORD’ mug? I’ve hidden some around #Stafford landmarks #mayormughunt. Clues coming!” He wrote.

Billington did such a good job fooling people that they even invited him to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony at the Alton Towers Theme Park. However, his imaginary position came to an end when the real mayor, Angela Lough, who has been in office for 10 months, learned of his actions.

Lough had asked Twitter to shut down the fake mayor Twitter account, but so far, it is still active. Maybe it is time for the real mayor to go out and do something for the people so they know who she is.