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New campaign urges people of Denmark to take vacations and have sex

By Mason White 4:10 PM March 30, 2014
Couple on vacation illustration 

By: Devansh Dut
(Scroll down for video) Couples can win a three year’s supply of free baby products if they become pregnant during their vacation.

A Denmark travel company is encouraging couples to take its discounted romantic vacation package and have sex in order to get pregnant.

The Danish population is in decline as people choose not to have kids. The campaign called “Do it for Denmark,” encourages couples to go on vacation and have sex as the birth rate in Denmark is at a 27 year low.

While on vacation couples relax and enjoy each others’ company allowing people to fall in love once again. This leads to more sex and more pregnancies.

A study showed that 10 percent of Danish babies are conceived while couples are on vacation.

The Spies Travel reportedly said that any couple from Denmark who can prove that they got pregnant during their vacation will receive a gift, plus they can win three year’s worth of baby products.