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Woman sexually assaulted girls while her attorney boyfriend watched

By Mason White 12:14 PM March 31, 2014
Edward T. Farmer and Catrina McQuiston 

By: Hydar Tomar
A lawyer will have a chance to represent himself in a courtroom after he was arrested on sex abuse charges.

The attorney of Clarksville, Tennessee, was indicted by a grand jury and was accused of committing sexual offenses against two minors.

Edward T. Farmer, 55, was arrested along with his former girlfriend, Catrina McQuiston, 28. They were charged with soliciting sex for money from two minors amongst other charges.

Authorities alleged that McQuiston sexually assaulted two girls while her boyfriend watched and told her what he wanted to see her do to the victims.

District Attorney General John Carney requested TBI open an investigation into the matter, according to a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation news release.

Farmer was charged with aggravated exploitation of a minor, conspiracy to commit aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, solicitation of a minor, criminal responsibility for aggravated rape and attempted tampering with evidence.

McQuiston was charged with especially aggravated exploitation of a minor, conspiracy to commit especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and aggravated statutory rape.

McQuiston was transported to the Robertson County Jail and her bond was set at $10,000. Farmer was released on his own recognizance.