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Man cuts off his hand when doctors refused to treat him only to discover that it still hurts

By Mason White 12:58 PM March 31, 2014
Arm illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A man who was in lot of pain after a motorcycle accident, decided to remove his hand.

Mark Goddard, 44, a father of one of Devon, England, was in pain for the past 16 years after he was injured in a motorcycle accident.

He asked doctors to amputate his hand, but his request was denied by Britain’s NHS (National Health Service) because his hand was still functioning.

Goddard was fed up with his suffering so he built his own guillotine device. He designed the device so that he can operate it with his right hand in order to cut off his left hand.

The man said that he build the device when his wife Samantha was not around to stop him.

Once he has amputated his arm, Goddard placed his amputated hand into a bin and burned it so it cannot be reattached.

He then called an ambulance and was taken to a hospital. However, Goddard was horrified when his hand started hurting again.

Doctors informed him that in order to get rid of the pain he will need surgery to remove his arm from his elbow.

Goddard told his doctors that if they will not schedule the surgery within a short period of time then he will do it himself.

Goddard was ordered to go through a psychiatric evaluation and was found to be rational.