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Naked man seen on video breaking into several homes

By Mason White 12:57 PM April 3, 2014
Ashdon Gibbs 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with burglary after being seen on video breaking into several homes, police in Georgia said.

Johns Creek Police said that they have detained the man accused of a wild and crazy crime spree that included breaking into homes while wearing nothing but a cowboy hat.

Ashdon Gibbs, 21, was arrested on Monday, and is being charged with two counts of theft, burglary, impersonating a police officer and indecent exposure. Investigators said that the crime spree began when Gibbs stole a car on Monday morning. His adventures just got weirder from there.

One of the houses Gibbs broke into belongs to Councilwoman Cori Davenport. “He was completely naked and wore a cowboy hat,” she said.

Her daughter was the first to see the suspect. At the other houses, Gibbs stole beer, ate meals and watched baseball games, according to police. When Gibbs was arrested at the home of Katy Johnson, he told officers that his parents were the Johsnons.

Gibbs told detectives that he is a U.S. Marshal.