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Cat seen on video unrolling toilet paper roll and rolling it back

By Mason White 10:31 AM April 6, 2014
Willie playing with roll of toilet paper 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A cute cat was seen on video unrolling a roll of toilet paper.

However, when it realized that its owner was angry with the mess, the cat quickly rolled the toilet paper roll back, a video uploaded to YouTube showed.

The owner of the cat, Michael Thompson, recorded his kitten named Willie, obsessively unraveling the roll of toilet paper before rolling it back. The video clip, titled “Willie is better than your cat,” has been uploaded to YouTube, where it quickly went viral.

The video clip racked up 1 million views in just a few days. Most YouTube viewers enjoyed the video clip with user sonicxrandomness saying that the cat wanted to make sure that the toilet paper roll really had 1,000 sheets.

However, one YouTube viewer was not so amused. Brigadierburnsauce wrote: “Is Willie ‘better’ than my cats Frank and Grimmy? I don’t particularly think so. I prefer my cats as they don’t make unnecessary messes like this or flay my toilet paper. Cute video, minus the dumb condescending title.”