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Young woman’s hair seen on video catching fire while blowing out birthday cake candles

By Mason White 10:32 AM April 6, 2014
Birthday girl’s hair on fire 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A young woman got a nasty birthday surprise as her hair caught fire while blowing out her birthday cake candles, a video uploaded to YouTube showed.

In the video, the woman’s friends are heard singing “Happy Birthday” in French, as the birthday girl made her grand entrance.

However, as the woman was making herself comfortable on a chair and preparing to make her birthday wish by blowing out the birthday cake candles, her hair suddenly exploded in a ball of fire.

The woman’s friends are heard screaming in the background, but luckily, the fire quickly went out on its own. One friend said that the birthday girl took the whole incident like a champ.

In November, a popular actor in Norway, decided to celebrate his birthday by publicly burning his beard, according to video uploaded to the Internet. Aksel Hennie celebrated his 38th birthday by decorating his beard with candles, set them on fire and singing a special birthday song, as the flames danced around his mouth and the wax ran down his face.

Hennie, Norway’s top male actor, is set to play the Greek hero Tydeus, in the upcoming movie of Hercules, the Thracian Wars, with the U.S. wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson, and British actors Joseph Fiennes and John Hurt.