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6 Jerusalem Muslim lawyers arrested for helping terrorists

By Mason White 4:51 PM April 6, 2014
Woman under arrest illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Six Muslim lawyers were arrested after being suspected of funding terror groups, Israel Police said.

Jerusalem Police said that detectives and investigators in recent weeks arrested six lawyers of East Jerusalem.

The suspects, five men and a woman, are accused of transferring cash and messages during the last three years, to Hamas and Islamic Jihad prisoners, both in Israel and abroad, in exchange for cash. According to the police investigation, a law firm called Al Quds, paid lawyers between 500 to 700 shekels ($150 to $200) to transfer information and cash, while claiming attorney client privilege to avoid detection.

Midhat Issawi, 41, and Shirin Issawi, 36, ran the law firm, which paid lawyers to visit terrorists in their prison cells. The six will be charged with involvement in terrorist activities, prohibited financing activities for terrorist purposes, illegal contact with offenders and contact with foreign agents.