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College student breaks into massage parlor to indulge in Hot Pockets

By Mason White 11:19 AM April 7, 2014
Wall smashed at Therapeutic Indulgence 

By: Sam David
(Scroll down for video) A Notre Dame student allegedly broke into a massage parlor, ate a stash of Hot Pockets, and nearly caused a fire.

Police in Indiana, said that 19-year-old Brian Mccurren broke into Therapeutic Indulgence, a South Bend parlor.

He was arrested on Sunday morning. According to Sara Ros Frazier, the parlor owner, McCurren crawled through a hole he had made in the stained glass window. “Then he grabbed a hammer and pounded his way through a wall to get inside,” Frazier said.

McCurren broke lamps, mirrors, furniture and other spa equipment. He then proceeded to spray a fire extinguisher throughout the establishment. Later, he decided to take things to the kitchen.

“He went through half a box of Hot Pockets,” she said. “Macaroni and cheese was warming up in an antique style oven and then he passed out while eating drumsticks on a table where the police found him,” she continued.

The macaroni and cheese, according to Frazier, had set off the fire alarm. McCurren, however, slept through the alarm. Police said that McCurren was noticeably intoxicated and once awoken, he could not remember the incident.

McCurren was arrested for burglary, vandalism, and underage consumption. He also admitted to police that he had been smoking synthetic marijuana.