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Fat woman dies after getting stuck in her bathroom

By Mason White 11:29 AM April 7, 2014
Bathroom illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A fat woman is dead after being unable to escape from her bathroom, a court in Ireland has heard.
The Dublin woman, weighing 630 pounds, tragically died after falling in her bathroom.

53-year-old Mary MacMenamin had heart problems due to her large size. Her partner, Gerry Doyle, said that MacMenamin had struggled with her weight for years and suffered from a number of health problems including asthma and diabetes.

She was not very mobile and had been in bed for most of the time in the year before her death, Doyle added. The morning of her death, MacMenamin called Doyle for help because she got stuck in the doorway of the bathroom.

He tried to help her, but she fell and her leg got stuck. Later, she fell unconscious. A neighbor called an ambulance, telling them that they were unable to move MacMenamin.

After paramedics arrived, MacMenamin was moved to the bedroom. She was pronounced dead several minutes later.

A doctor ruled that the cause of death was positional asphyxia on a background of obesity with an enlarged heart, which may have contributed to an arrhythmia.