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Teacher who was caught on video peeing into tea of his female colleagues keeps his job

By Mason White 11:52 AM April 13, 2014
Gao Chao peeing into tea 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Several teachers are extremely angry after police announced that they will not file charges against a male teacher, who was caught peeing into tea.

When asked why he peed into the tea, the teacher claimed that he was not getting enough respect from his female colleagues.

54-year-old Gao Chao, who is employed at the Dongsheng Art Kindergarten school located in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, China, had been angry that he had not been given the job of principal.

Police said that the teacher was arrested after video showed that he had urinated in teas belonging to four women. 26-year-old Li Kao, one of the victims, said that she knew something was wrong when her tea tasted funny.

She also said that since the glasses are not transparent it was difficult to see that something was wrong. She went to smell the thermos where the tea was kept, and it also smelled strange.

In protest, the four women threatened to quit if the suspect continued to work at the school. The women became even more angry when police announced that they won’t file any charges since the urine was not infected with any diseases.

The suspect kept his position at the school. The women decided to stay at the school after receiving $325 and an apology.