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City in Spain named ‘Jew Killer’ thinking about changing its name

By Mason White 4:40 PM April 13, 2014
Castrillo Matajudios 

By: Aarav Sen
A city in Spain named “Jew Killer” is now thinking of changing its name.

Castrillo Matajudios has discussed changing the name before, but no official action was ever taken until now that mayor Lorenzo Rodriguez put forward a firm proposal in writing to the city’s 60 residents, asking them if they would like the city to keep the name or change it.

More than 500 years ago the city was named “the city of the Jews” before being changed. Rodriguez said that the decision of the majority will be respected, even if only by one vote.

Before the vote , Rodriguez believes it is important for residents to know more about the role of the city in the history of Jews in Spain. One of Spain’s first Jewish communities lived in the neighboring city named Castrojeriz.

In 974, the city gave Jews the same rights as Christians. However, in 1035, the Jews in Castrojeriz were massacred, and the remaining Jews fled to Castrillo.

In 1478, the city was renamed to Matajudios (Jew Killer).