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German furniture store under fire for selling coffee mugs with image of Hitler

By Mason White 5:34 PM April 13, 2014
The Hitler coffee mug 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A popular furniture store in Germany, was criticised after it sold coffee mugs with the image of Hitler.

Now, the furniture chain store has been forced to apologize after selling the cups with Adolf Hitler’s face printed on it.

The image appeared behind rose petals and poetry. The mugs had a faint image of the Fuhrer along with a swastika and the word Reich.

Nazi symbols are banned in Germany and Dortmund prosecutors said on Friday it had opened a criminal investigation. They were on sale at the furniture chain Zurbruggen.

5,000 mugs had been ordered and they sold at least 175 before noticing the error. The owners of the chain have offered a 20 euro gift voucher to customers who return the cups.

So far, only 16 cups have been returned. “Nothing like this has happened in the 75 years that my family has been in the business,” Christian Zurbruggen, the owner of the store, said.

Zurbruggen said that his company is cooperating with prosecutors to find out how the image made its way to the mugs. The unsold mugs have been destroyed.