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Woman rushed to hospital after boyfriend pours hot gummy bear on her chest for fun

By Mason White 10:19 AM April 14, 2014
Michael pours gummy bear on Josi 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A woman was rushed to a hospital after her boyfriend poured a hot gummy bear onto her chest.

The couple’s love session turned into a disaster after they decided to melt a large gummy bear and pour it on each other.

As a result, Josi suffered third degree burns when her boyfriend Michael poured the scorching sugary liquid on her chest. Josi called her mother to ask what to do after unsuccessfully trying to cool her chest down with butter, ice and water.

Finally, she was taken to a hospital where she recovered. The couple of Clarksville, Tennessee, has shared their experienced with the public on a popular television show.

Michael said that they did not think of the consequences. The couple said that they are now engaged and will soon marry.