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Teachers caught on video beating special needs children at school

By Mason White 12:53 PM April 23, 2014
Teacher hitting student 

By: Devansh Dutt
Parents are extremely angry after a video was released showing how several teachers beat their special needs students at school.

The abuse was recorded by a teacher who wished to remain anonymous.

She said that she installed the hidden camera in her classroom at Harper Archer Middle School of Atlanta, Georgia, after the principal and the school district refused to investigate her concerns about how two employees were treating the children in their care.

The local school officials are lazy, watching television and listening to music instead of helping the children, she said. The abuse was allowed to continue because the children are unable to talk.

“They cannot speak, write or tell anyone what is happening to them. However, it’s hard to argue with a video. In it, you can see a teacher hitting one of the students and then putting him in a headlock,” she said.

Police charged Alger Coleman with battery and child cruelty. Keisha Smith was not charged. However, she was reassigned.